Autonomous AI‑driven Manufacturing

We create modular smart work cells with factory mobility without the need for skilled labor.

No fixtures with a high degree of flexibility

Significant reduction in skilled labor

Reduction in set-up time

Measurable quality improvement

Big reduction in capital expenditures and operating costs

Watch our technology in action to see how AI-powered manufacturing will work for your company.

Tailgate Decking with AI

AI Assembly with Welding

Rib & Skin Assembly

AI Assembly Example for Part Insertion

Bin Picking & Precision Geo-locating

Thank you for visiting our booth at Automate24! We enjoyed discussing your automation needs and the potential of Atlas / ProcessChamp AI Fixtureless Assembly for Toyota.  Great reception of the technology.

Our technology offers several key benefits to Toyota:

  1. Fixtureless Automation: Eliminate the need for expensive, time-consuming jigs and fixtures.
  2. High-Quality Output: Maintain consistent, high-quality production with AI-powered process control.
  3. Flexibility: Easily adapt to new products and variants without reprogramming.
  4. Reduced Manpower: Streamline your production process and minimize reliance on manual labor.

How it Works


Scan critical datums


Proprietary AI analyzes sensor data and instructs robot what to do


Optimizes positions to the critical datums

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